Thursday, February 24, 2005


I came across this little comment by the blogging world's pet Chihuahua

"I'd like to nominate Aregorn and DaveforMBA for suckitudinal awards for their CONSPICUOUS avoidance of the word "bskewl" on their blogs. Aregorn, of course, is still huffy over my slights to Megami. He's the sort that likes to stick up for girls on the intarweb because it'll make them like him, maybe."

and it was fairly indicative of how people's insecurities come to the fore.

I have a simple rule for mentioning people on my blog -- I like your blog enough to visit it at least a few times a week. It doesn't matter if you link to me or even know about me. If I find myself drawn to your blog, it'll appear on my blog.

If I like the way you think or what you say, your statements will be recorded for posterity. Another way to be mentioned is if your statements are dumb enough to trip the idioto meter.

Expect to find your name on my blog or blogroll if anything you do meets the above mentioned criteria.

Coming back on topic, I am not too interested in reading about personal attacks no matter how witty or humorous it might seem. If I come across such posts, I am certainly not interested in saving them for posterity. That was the reason behind BSkewl's 'CONSPICUOUS' absence from my blog. But the idioto meter was tripped by this blatant cry for inclusion. If the so called 'nomination' had been for bad grammar (a charge I admit), posts that suck (something I indulge in all too frequently) or any understandable reason, BSkewl would have flown under the radar as usual. But the nomination for the simple reason of not being mentioned was just too hilarious to leave out for the viewing pleasure of a very few people. Congratulations BSkewl for making a very 'CONSPICUOUS' entry on the MBA jungle.

For the record, the only reason I blog is for my pleasure ONLY! I don't give a rat's tail what other's think of my blog. If something I write helps people, terrific, but the blog is written mainly for an audience of one. It's a perfect democracy with one man having one vote, and for good or bad, I am the man (with the vote offcourse).

On a lighter note this incident reminds me of my niece who is about 5 years old, if I am in her house, I better be paying attention to her or there is a tantrum in the making. Ignore her at the risk of your eardrums.

(Haven't linkified the site where I picked BSewl's comment from but it is relatively easy to find out for those not google challenged)


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